Chronic Pain

A group of chronic spinal pain sufferers (randomly assigned to receive chiropractic, medication or acupuncture treatments) were evaluated at the start of the study, and then reassessed during weeks two, five and nine. Patients qualifying for the study had been suffering chronic spinal pain for a minimum of 13 weeks.

Results of the general health questionnaire completed by patients, and reviewed by staff, at the end of the study revealed:

Patients in the chiropractic group reported a 47 % improvement . .

versus improvements of 15 % for the group receiving acupuncture, or an 18 % improvement for the group receiving anti-inflammatory medication - and . . . this class of drugs kills over 20,000 people annually in the US !!

The results, which were published in the prestigious medical journal Spine (July 2003), clearly supported that chiropractic is superior to both medication and acupuncture in relieving this common health problem.