"You mean aside from lack of pain? The different techniques / exercises that Dr. Steve has taught me in order to help particular problems. Now, I have the ability to help myself along w/Chiropractic care."

Here's what we asked our patients:

Please describe one or two benefits you have received from us that you value the most. Please be specific and tell us how these benefits improved your life.

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"I am more aware of my own body, first of all. I can feel when certain things are not "right". Also, one of my reasons for coming was my C2. I had constant pain in my neck and head and now the pain is no longer extreme - if I have any pain at all. Living in pain is very tiring and stressful. It’s amazing how a simple adjustment can even change your attitude. I just feel better!"

Rachel Hill

"This has been my first experience with a Chiropractor, as I was previously skeptical of the claimed benefits! I decided to try a Chiropractic approach when lower back pain began to take over every aspect of my life - including my sleep. I couldn’t rest properly because back pain would force me to get out of bed, whether I wanted to get up or not. After one session, I was able to sleep without waking up due to aching back pain!

After several subsequent sessions, the benefits started to show up during my working hours. No more morning pain. I’ve been more active since, resuming my cycling and walking - which I had stopped doing due to pain."

Kimberly Mazzella

"Being able to work outdoors in order to maintain the house and grounds is very important to me. With over 2.5 acres to mow, trim, and prune, extended downtime for back pain or allergies is not really an option. Dr. Steve has returned me to these activities without the need for analgesics or prescription drugs."

David Anderson

"I am nearly 66 years old, and I have the strength and flexibility of a much younger person. I feel encouraged to believe that I can continue to lead a full and active life for many years to come. Yee Haw !"

Jude Craddock

"I feel I’m able to avoid major illness and disability by coming in regularly for treatment. Dr. Steve corrects little problems, so they won’t become big problems. Thank you for helping me stay healthy!"

Karen Foster

"More than eight years ago I started to suffer from tremendous back pain. After my ability to work became jeopardized, I went to a regular doctor. I was told that I would probably need surgery and that there could be serious complications involved with any back-related surgery. Not having $5,000 in my pocket or any health insurance I took the advice of a friend and went to visit a Chiropractor. The Chiropractor immediately alleviated some of the pain and I was able to return to work. Unfortunately, it was necessary to see the Chiropractor twice a week or more to remain functional, but I was grateful.

After years of being kept function by many different Chiropractors, I have had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Steve! Not only has Dr. Steve alleviated most of my pain, but, also, for the first time, I feel like I might actually be cured of this horrible affliction. Dr. Steve is using techniques that I have never seen before. These techniques are reprogramming my nervous system and my posture is changing! These techniques work and I am grateful for that."

Michael Morley

"You should have seen me that first day walking into Dr. Steve's office. I was a literal mess - physically and mentally. It was kind of a last ditch effort on my part. After two years of trying to recover from a car accident, I was still expecting to be better than I was.

Some history: I was care-flighted to a hospital and given a 20 to 25% chance to live ! There were multiple crush injuries and I was in a coma. Most importantly, my son had died in that accident. I had a lot of recovering to do ! After the major physical injuries had been “fixed,” it was time for rehabilitation. Then it was home to continue outpatient rehabilitation and start some counseling. Insurance allowed 4 to 6 visits each of physical, speech ad occupational therapy. Appointments with my priest were made.

About two months later, I was ready to start living life again, or so I thought. Exercise was encouraged. I bought a membership to a health club and was shown a regimen of weight machines and choices of cardio work. It all hurt so much. Prescriptions for pain were plentiful, but I really didn’t want to get used to that. The medication helped get through the worst of it, but now it was time to live without it.

For a good year and a half, I struggled with the physical and mental pain. I continued to see a medical doctor and started seeing another Chiropractor. I wasn’t exercising any more, had no energy, and really no desire.

By the time I walked into Spinal Health of North Texas, I was exhausted! During my consultation with Dr. Steve, I cried. I remember him asking me a few times, ‘Do you want to get better?’ After expressing all kinds of excuses for not being better, I finally got the message and said, ‘YES!’ We began the unique form of treatments!

After several gentle Chiropractic adjustments in a caring, loving and positive environment, I began that thing called living again… Hope was part of my vocabulary again. My abilities, energy, and desires were up dramatically. Shari became my best friend when she said I looked 10 years younger - and my family had the same response.

Then, Dr. Steve asked me if I wanted to try some emotional release techniques. Since everything else he had suggested had resulted in positive results, why not? Another breakthrough… this allowed me to simply experience the sorrow of losing my son and be comforted. Pleasures of life were becoming evident again.

After 6 months of care, I can now do my own housecleaning, run all the errands I need to do, mow the lawn, garden, travel, and just about anything else I want to do - without pain ! Open your minds and give it ALL a try!"

Louann Lucas