Q: What services does Spinal Health of North Texas offer?

A: Spinal Health of North Texas offers a wide range of services, including chiropractic, acupuncture and kinesiology. For more detail, see: Healing Modalities

Q: "I thought only people with back problems needed chiropractic care?"

A: Chiropractic can help people with back problems, but it's also beneficial for people suffering from allergies, sinus problems, digestive difficulty, fibromyalgia, stress and even posture correction. Spinal Health of North Texas is a unique practice because Dr. Eustice (most people call him Dr. Steve) helps with all kinds of problems, not just sore backs.

Q: Will Dr. Eustice crack my bones?

A: Dr. Eustice uses high-tech diagnostic equipment to figure out what he needs to do to help individual patients. Then he performs gentle adjustments based on this information. Finally, he gives each patient follow-up information and instruction on all areas of wellness, including nutrition.

Q: Why is Spinal Health of North Texas better than other clinics?

A: Dr. Eustice's extensive training gives him a unique perspective on chiropractic care as part of an overall wellness regimen. He takes time with each patient to answer questions and explain recommended exercises. The staff at Spinal Health of North Texas is also friendly and helpful, guiding each patient individually through necessary paperwork.