Frequency Specific Cold Laser

DISCOVER the Power of readily available ENERGY for your body - All 75 Trillion Cells in Your Body Need Energy.

The Quantumwave Laser can immediately deliver much needed energy and electrons directly to ailing cells in record time. ATP is the fuel that powers all functions in your body. When that fuel runs down, a myriad of different systems can suffer. The Solution is to use the Quantumwave Laser to deliver photons to the ailing cells. The Mitochondria in these cells immediately converts photonic energy to ATP & PRESTO - Healing and rejuvenations is initiated.

ENERGIZE & ACTIVATE YOUR INNER HEALER. We all have an inner healer, a perfectly informed part of ourselves that knows exactly what to do to heal itself. In situations of compromised health or dis-ease, our job is to provide our body with the best sources of energy, impulses, electrons and a relaxed or neutral terrain for our inner healer to work. The Quantumwave Laser is the perfect tool to use to ENERGIZE & ACTIVATE YOUR INNER HEALER. The QWL unleashes a torrent of energy, impulses, electrons, resonance, coherence, and harmonics to support attunement.

The Quantumwave Laser is a holistic therapeutic tool, which combines multiple healing technologies in a compact, portable, hand-held device. It generates powerful coherent healing laser energy from the two most researched and utilized healing laser spectrums, providing a total of 40 mW of Red Laser energy and 40 mW of Infrared Laser energy. Additionally it provides a total of 100 mW of narrow beam Violet LED light healing energy. At the same time it creates an energized Scalar Wave field, while simultaneously sending multiple waves of specialized “Rife like” frequencies into the body. The result is a beautiful synthesis of Healing Energies that support the body and mind in dropping down into a parasympathetic nervous system dominant state. The "rest and digest" state, which is most conducive for healing.

This combination of 5 different healing energy technologies in the Quantumwave Laser provides us with a coherent healing tool of uncompromised therapeutic value. It allows us to work on multiple levels of the body with a single device. The QWL will literally ENERGIZE & ACTIVATE YOUR INNER HEALER, supporting you at the highest level of your being. The application of QWL-Therapy provides coherent multi-spectrum healing on a cellular and energetic level as revealed by significant changes in the blood (pics shown below) in a short period of time. The Quantumwave Laser works through the combination of all 5 therapeutic technologies, which are intelligently designed to work synergistically in providing ideal life-supporting energies and frequencies to the body.

The Quantumwave Laser has 3 optional higher-powered laser attachments called probes in the Red, Infrared and Violet laser spectrum, allowing for extreme treatment of soft and hard tissues and quantum biological processes. These powerful laser probes provide an added measure of healing capabilities such as being able to work on acu-points, meridians, trigger points, myofacial points, auricular points, joints, facial therapy, cranial laser reflex therapy and to send more energy to a smaller area faster.

Energy information medicine is a rapidly growing field that is gaining significant momentum around the world thanks to our greater understanding of Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics reveals to us that everything at its most basic level is and responds to energy and vibration. That thoughts and emotions also consist of vibrations, and that vibration carries information, which is why physical health is affected by mindset and emotional state. The physical body responds to vibrations in the same way that it responds to the presence of chemical substances. QWL-Therapy provides a comprehensive method of delivering quantum levels of vibrational medicine impulses to the core systems of the body to ENERGIZE & ACTIVATE YOUR INNER HEALER.


The Quantumwave Laser: The "Mother Ship" of Cold Lasers

The Quantumwave Laser is the "Mother Ship" of cold lasers. It has been developed to work synergistically with the body's own self-healing mechanisms. Scalar lasers shift polarity and quickly cancel out stress and undesirable cellular memories. They unwind stress. They unwind contraction and unhealthy holding patterns from cells. These lasers send high quality and easily absorbable energy in the form of photons. Clusters of photons are quickly converted by the mitochondria of the cells into ATP (AdenosineTriPhosphate), which is the chemical energy the cells need to rebuild, regenerate and reproduce.

The human body by nature is designed to open up to light and consciousness. This is a remarkable system of nature that allows for a higher degree of healing on many levels. The key is usable energy delivered directly to the cells that need it. Your cells are like plants in a garden that need sunshine, water and fertilizer. But actually they need oxygen, nutrients and Energy (ATP). The Scaler Wave Laser delivers these essential components to the cells and tissues by using more true laser diodes than other laser products and in a unique combination of more wavelengths than most other lasers offer. The revolutionary Quantumwave Laser utilizes ideal red and infrared wavelengths, super violet LEDs for targeted cellular resonance and a wide range of optimal frequencies for total body healing. Scalar Wave Laser, the Ultimate Marriage of Cold Laser and Frequency Medicine. It's as easy as using a cell phone; yet profound, like a Star Trek Tricorder.